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Coaching and Facilitation for Emotional Development and Generative Solutions

You have good potential and you know it!  What’s getting in the way?

  • Open your HEART cultivating Communication Skills: Creatively design successful relationships and environments for you and your vision to thrive

  • Open your BODY accessing your Embodied Wisdom : Hone your strengths and master yourSelf as your most valued ally.

  • Open your MIND  enhancing your Critical Thinking: Reframe potential challenges as opportunities for growth and align to your greater purpose.

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Dive into life’s big questions with simple, real and intimate stories from masters in their field.


"Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life" with Maria Bailey is about making ordinary life extraordinary, exploring the challenges of the daily grind and other life mysteries and ultimately offers inspiring and creative tools and techniques for building an abundant life.

Through reflections from maria and lively conversations with masters in their field, we explore edgy topics and uncomfortable assumptions that reveal the unconscious drivers of our habitual patterns that hold us back from finding the richness in ordinary moments.

Using mind, heart and body perspectives she invites us to expand our views and access more of our untapped potential to live each ordinary moment into an extraordinary life.

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Lead Software Engineer &

Team Manager of Data Science

Maria's coaching empowered me to step back, gain self-awareness, and completely shift my mindset, helping me improved progress, optimized presentations, enhanced relationships, and increased impact.

Director of Operations,

Health Industry

My coaching journey was nothing short of amazing. The ability to talk through challenges and discover solutions have truly changed my mindset. Maria asks the right questions and helps me reframe the way I go through my day to day world both personally and professionally. 

Senior Product Manager,

Tech Industry

Maria Bailey's listening skills are outstanding among all the coaches I have had the pleasure of interacting with. She elevates conversations and goes to the root of the problems. The skills I developed through our coaching will transform my work, relationships, and my effectiveness at work.


Maria’s work is informed by an integral framework, which dissects reality into four quadrants: In any given moment there is an internal experience, an external expression of this experience, our shared experience, and the structures of what we are creating collectively.

Clients are usually good at examining the structures in their lives, but often fail to check in with themselves. People behave inside what they know; having only a set of puzzle pieces, they try to fit them into the bigger picture.

Maria’s system is all about leading people into the varied dimensions of their experience. She leads them into the unknown by urging them to pay attention to the pieces of the puzzle they may not have. Clients find clarity through a series of specific questions: “What is my puzzle? What is the piece I am looking for? What will the piece tell me? How do I recognize it?”

Then, her clients go through a kind of unhinging process. They imagine what the puzzle might look like when it’s done, as well as the experience they are seeking to bring to life.

By identifying the experience they are seeking, they can identify areas of their life where it is already present. Then they can go back to the puzzle and apply what they know, both cognitively and kinesthetically. This opens doors to find the elusive new pieces of the puzzle...the ones they didn’t previously have access to.

Maria’s clients know their genius, are already successful, and understand that with the right guidance, they will find a way. They are looking for “the way in.” Many of these people are at the management level or higher in their profession. They are especially attentive to the need for innovation in their company culture and in their own evolution.

Maria helps them to leverage their skills to discover new ones. She disrupts the familiarity in their lives and enables them to reframe potential “threats” as opportunities for growth. Maria’s approach is to integrate mind/cognitive discernment with gut wisdom and intuition. This enables her clients to no longer be victims and hostages of mind-based fears and to develop greater perspectives to transcend them.

In Maria’s approach, there is no fixing or surgical removal of anything in a client’s life. She urges clients not to throw away whole parts of themselves, but to celebrate find even more puzzle pieces.

Working with groups, Maria uncovers unseen dynamics that hold teams back. With her expertise, teams grow to be more congruent, functional and creative.

“In imagining the unimaginable, we discover what we need.”

Three Foundational Elements Of Maria’s Coaching

Aligning To Purpose – Have integrity to pursue what matters most

Building Emotional Intelligence – Be more emotionally aware, know how to boldly articulate yourself, and be congruent and direct with yourself and others

Generating Value – Develop yourself to learn to thrive in relationships, grow your economic engine and broaden your organizational impact

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A Venezuelan adult development facilitator and coach, Zen priest and former model who supports others in living and loving fiercely.


Maria Bailey is a certified Integral Coach and Integral Facilitator who incorporates the wildly glorious and different parts of being human. She works with individuals, facilitates groups and is in love with the shadow aspects of group dynamics and how they can be improved by enlivening connections and communication.


Informed by the concepts of Zen Buddhism, Maria helps individuals and groups identify where they are most uncomfortable; because this can be difficult through the cognitive, discursive mind alone, she follows a somatic and body-centered pathway that helps people understand their own feelings, projections, and beliefs—moving from first person to second person to a meta-approach. In Maria’s words, “Your expression is part of the collective and is adding to the collective; our shadows trigger one another’s.”


Maria’s approach to individual and collective evolution is to guide people through the mystery and to unravel it, thread by thread. This includes teaching individuals and groups to grieve what needs to be grieved, to slow down, to self-regulate, and to cultivate embodied presence so that people can engage the most pressing questions of our time.


Maria Bailey has been a student of mindfulness, adult development, and interpersonal dynamics for 20 years. Her interests range from personal development to women’s issues to the study and contemplation of death to leadership to diversity to understanding the shadow dynamics of groups. Her background is rich and varied, ranging from being an actress and professional international model to a radio and TV host to a conflict mediator, teacher and coach.


Maria offers possibility, inspiration, enthusiasm, guidance, grounding, love, kindness, strength, and modeling for an expanded and integrated new way of being. She is a spark of hope for something that whispers deep within others. She is a guide, a visionary, and a fellow traveler into the deep forests and landscapes of the unimagined.

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"A real conversation always contains an invitation. You are inviting another person to reveal herself or himself to you, to tell you who they are or what they want."

David Whyte

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